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  • Tech Startup Pitch Deck
  • Startup Pitch Deck
  • Sponsor Pitch Deck
  • Sales Pitch Deck
  • Restaurant Pitch Deck
  • Real Estate Pitch Deck
  • Product Presentation
  • Pharmaceutical Presentaion.pptx
  • Marketplace Pitch Deck.pptx
  • marketing presentation.pptx
  • Marketing agenda.pptx
  • Jewellery Presentation.pptx
  • Investor Pitch Deck.pptx
  • Fundraising Presentation.pptx
  • Food Startup Pitch Deck.pptx
  • Film Pitch Deck.pptx
  • eCommerce Pitch Deck.pptx
  • Creative Pitch Deck.pptx
  • Corporate Travel Agency.pptx
  • Business Plan.pptx
  • Business Plan Pitch Deck.pptx
  • App Pitch Deck.pptx
  • Agency Pitch Deck.pptx
  • Advertising-agency.pptx
  • Web Design & Development Business Plan Template.docx
  • Software Testing Business Plan Template.docx
  • Software Sales Business Plan Template.docx
  • Software Company Business Plan Template.docx
  • Modern Business Plan Template.docx
  • Logistics Business Plan Template.docx
  • IT Security Business Plan Template.docx
  • IT Consulting Business Plan Template.docx
  • Simple Contruction Business Plan.docx
  • Database Software Business Plan.docx
  • Computer Support Business Plan Template.docx
  • Youtube Marketing Plan Template.docx
  • Wedding Photography Business Plan.docx
  • Website design and Development business Plan Template
  • Travel Agency Marketing Plan Template.docx
  • Tour Operator Business Plan.docx
  • T-Shirt Company business Plan.docx
  • Retail Business Plan Template.docx
  • Business Plan guideline.docx
  • Realtor Business Plan.docx
  • Quaterly Business Plan Template.docx
  • Production Company business Plan.docx
  • Photography Marketing Plan Template.docx
  • Manufacturing Business Plan Template.docx
  • Interior Design Business Plan.docx
  • HR Consulting Business Plan Template.docx
  • Digital Consulting Business Plan Template.docx
  • Business Consulting Business Plan.docx
  • Accountancy Firm Business Plan Template.docx
  • Accountant Non-Disclosure Agreement.Docx
  • Accounting Agreement.Docx
  • Addendum To Agreement Of Sale.Docx
  • Addendum To Rent Agreement.Docx
  • Administrative Services Agreement.Docx
  • Advertising Agency Agreement.Docx
  • Advertising And Marketing Agreement.Docx
  • Advertising Sales Representation Agreement.Docx
  • Affidavit Of Identity.Docx
  • Affidavit Of Service .Docx
  • Affidavit Of Title.Docx
  • Affiliate Program Agreement.Docx
  • Agreement Between Carrier And Shipper.Docx
  • Agreement Between Independent Contractor And Service Provider.Docx
  • Agreement Between Owner And Contractor.Docx
  • Agreement For Chairman Of Board Of Directors.Docx
  • Agreement For Outsourcing Call Center.Docx
  • Agreement For Permission To Sublet.Docx
  • Agreement Of Purchase And Sale Of Business Assets.Docx
  • Agreement Of Sale Of Immovable Property.Docx
  • Agreement To Extend Debt Payment.Docx
  • Agreement To Lease.Docx
  • Application Of Zoning Variance.Docx
  • Appointment Letter – Internal Auditor.Docx
  • Appointment Letter For Non-Executive Independent Director.Docx
  • Appointment Letter Of Attorney.Docx
  • Appointment Letter Of Chartered Accountant.Docx
  • Appointment Of Tax Auditor.Docx
  • Advertising Invoice.Docx
  • Architect Invoice Template.Docx
  • Artist Invoice Template.Docx
  • Attorney Invoice.Docx
  • Bill Of Lading.Doc
  • Cake Invoice Template.Docx
  • Car Sale Invoice Template.Docx
  • Carpenter Invoice Template.Docx
  • Clinic Invoice Template.Docx
  • Commercial Invoice.Doc
  • Construction Invoice.Docx
  • Consulting Invoice.Docx
  • Contractor Invoice Template.Docx
  • Dental Invoice Template.Docx
  • Dental Invoice Template.Docx
  • Estimate Invoice Template.Docx
  • Event Planning Invoice Template.Docx
  • Freelance Invoice Template.Docx
  • Furniture Invoice Template.Docx
  • Hotel Invoice Template.Docx
  • Hourly Invoice.Docx
  • Invoice Template.Xlsx
  • Invoice Tracker.Xlsx
  • It Services Invoice Template.Docx
  • Labour Invoice.Docx
  • Lease Invoice Template.Docx
  • Mechanic Invoice Template.Docx
  • Medical Invoice Template.Docx
  • Painting Invoice Template.Docx

1 – Applicant Appraisal Form Evaluation Template.doc

2 – Bank Loan Application Form.doc

3 – Business Credit Application Template.doc

4 – Buyer’s Property Inspection Report Template.rtf

5 – Collection Report Template.doc

6 – Commission Summary Template.docx

7 – Consumer Credit Application Template.docx

8 – Customer Complaint Form.doc

9 – Customer Service Action Form Plan.doc

10 – Employment Application Form Template.doc

11 – Job Analysis Template.doc

12 – Packing List of Order Template.docx

13 – Purchase Order – Excel Template.docx

14 – Purchase Requisition Form.doc

15 – Return Authorization Template.doc

16 – Stock Certificate and Common Stock.docx

17 – Telemarketing Report Template.doc

18 – Vendor Evaluation Template.doc

19 – Wire Transfer Instructions Form Template.doc

20 – FORM NO. 1 Declaration of compliance with the requirements of the Companies Act, 1956 on application for registration of a company.docx

21 – FORM NO. 4 Statement of the amount or rate percent of the commission payable in respect of sharesDebentures and of the number of sharesdebentures for which persons have agreed.docx

22 – FORM NO. 5 Notice of consolidation, division, etc.,increase in share capitalincrease in number of members [Pursuant to sections 95, 9794A(2)81(4)].docx

23 – FORM No. 7B Share Transfer Form [Pursuant to section 108(IA)1].docx

24 – FORM 7C Application for extension of time under section 108(1D) [Pursuant to section 108(1D)].docx

25 – FORM NO. 7D (See rule 5B) Form of application for approval of the Central Government for acquisition of shares.docx

26 – FORM NO. 7E Form of intimation to the Central Government of the Proposal to transfer shares form of application for approval of the Central Government for transfer of shares of Foreign Companies.docx

27 – FORM NO. 8 Modification of charges.docx

28 – FORM NO.10 Particulars of a series of debentures, containing or giving by reference to any other instruments.docx

29 – FORM NO. 13. Register of charges.docx

30 – FORM NO. 15 Notice of appointment of receiver or manager.docx

Much more….

  • 01 – Employee of the Month Policy.docx
  • 02 – Engagement Plan.doc
  • 03 – Mentorship Program.docx
  • 04 – HR Employee Experience Roadmap.docx
  • Business Communication – Session A – NEW.pptx
  • Business Communication – Session B – NEW.pptx
  • Business Communication – Session C – NEW.pptx
  • Email Etiquettes.docx
  • moon landing activity.doc
  • Selling skills Training.pptx
  • Team_Workshop.ppt
  • Teamwork Training.pptx
  • Telephone Etiquettes.docx
  • The 7 Cs of Communication.docx
  • Time Management Training.pptx
  • Training & Development Plan.docx
  • Training Calendar Template.docx
  • training cost analysis template.docx
  • Training Gap Analysis.docx
  • Training Needs Analysis Report.docx

1 – Performance Management Process.Docx

2 – Performance Review.Xls

3 – Performance Improvement Plan.Doc

4 – Performance Appraisal Letter.Doc

5 – Performance Warning Letter.Doc

6 – KRA.Docx

8 – Marketing Intern Responsibilities.Docx

9 – HR Analytics Roadmap.Docx10 – HR Workforce Planning Roadmap.Docx

11 – Performance Development Plan Template.Docx

  • Announcement – Survey Rollout.docx
  • Annual Evaluation Form .docx
  • Basic survey questionnaire.docx
  • Blank survey template.docx
  • Business survey.docx
  • Compensation Survey.docx
  • Customer Feedback Survey.docx
  • Employee Benefits Survey Template.docx
  • Employee Engagement Survey Template.docx
  • Employee Feedback Survey for Manager Template A4.docx
  • Employee Motivation Survey.docx
  • Employee Resignation Survey.docx
  • Exit Interview Survey Template.docx
  • Feedback Survey Template.docx
  • Job Satisfaction Survey.docx
  • Management Performance Survey.docx
  • Market Survey Template.docx
  • New Employee Orientation Survey.docx
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey Template.docx
  • post training survey.docx
  • Product Survey.docx
  • Recruiting Satisfaction Survey Template.docx
  • Restaurant Customer Service Survey.docx
  • Restaurant Employee Survey.docx
  • Terms of Service. docx

  • Shipping Policy.docx
  • Retum & Refund Policy.docx
  • Request Review Template – F8 Ban Template .docx
  • Privacy Policy.docx
  • No Response Template – F8 Ban Template .docx
  • Guarantee & Return Tab.docx
  • FAQs.docx
  • Contact Us.docx
  • About Us.docx
  • 2nd Follow up Sales Email.docx
  • 3rd & final Follow up Sales Email.docx
  • Assistance in Free Trial Of Product.docx
  • Build Rapport.docx
  • Candidate_Rejection_Email_Template.docx
  • Cold Email Sales Pitch.docx
  • Cold Email Sales Pitch.docx
  • Cold Sales Pitch.docx
  • Demo request email.docx
  • Email on Material Rejected Supplied by Vendor.docx
  • Email-from Employer to External Agency.docx
  • Email-template-to-request-an-intake-meeting_-From-recruiter-to-hiring-manager.docx
  • Email-to-successful-candidate-after-interview.docx
  • Example of open position announcement email.docx
  • Feature release announcement email template.docxFollow up Sales Email.docx
  • Job offer email.docx
  • LinkedIn connection accepted sales
  • pitch.docx
  • New business announcement email template.docx
  • New employee announcement email.docx
  • New product release email template.docxNew software release email template.docx
  • Prospect website lead.docx
  • Sales call Scheduling email.docx
  • Sales Introduction.docx
  • Template of a Pre-order announcement email.docx
  • Template of a Pre-order announcement email.docx
  • Template of new employee announcement email.docx
  • Template of open position announcement email.docx
  • Template of promotion email template announcement.docx
  • Acknowledged Receipt Of Goods.Docx
  • Advertising Sales Letter.Docx
  • Apology And Tender Of Compensation.Docx
  • Apology For Accounting Errors And Past Due Notice.Docx
  • Apology For Defective Product.Docx
  • Apology For Delayed Response.Docx
  • Apology For Invoice Error.Docx
  • Apology For Missing Appointment.Docx
  • Apology For Overshipment.Docx
  • Apology For Overshipment.Docx
  • Apology Letter For A Mistake.Docx
  • Apology Letter For A Mistake.Docx
  • Apology Letter For Demand Of Goods.Docx
  • Apology Letter For Inconvenience.Docx
  • Apology Letter For Late Coming To Work.Docx
  • Apology Letter For Mistake In Work.Docx
  • Apology Letter For Late Delivery.Docx
  • Apology Letter For Mistake To Client.Docx
  • Apology Letter For Poor Customer Service.Docx
  • Apology Letter To A Client.Docx
  • Apology Letter To A Colleague.Docx
  • Apology Letter To A Customer.Docx
  • Apology Letter To Boss.Docx
  • Apology Letter To Employee.Docx
  • Business Apology Letter For Inconvenience.Docx
  • Business Apology Letter For Miscommunication.Docx
  • Cancellation Of Unfulfilled Order.Docx
  • Charge Back Application Of Discount On Delayed Shipment.Docx
  • Checklist Investigating Complaints Of Harassment – Hr.Docx
  • Complaint Letter Against Employee.Docx
  • Complaint Letter To Hr.Docx
  • Customer Complaint Acknowledgement Letter.Docx
  • Annual Marketing Budget Template.Xlsx
  • Content Marketing Strategy.Pptx
  • Customer Persona Template.Docx
  • Email Marketing Planner.Docx
  • Email Marketing Strategy Template.Pptx
  • Facebook Add Performance Creative.Docx
  • How To Advertise On Linkedin .Docx
  • Marketing-Plan-Outline.Docx
  • Marketing-Strategy-Template.Pptx
  • Organic Marketing.Docx
  • Reason To Advertise On Facebook.Docx
  • Set Up Your First Facebook Add.Docx
  • Set Up Your First Facebook Add.Docx
  • Social Media Calendar Template.Docx
  • Social-Media-Strategy-Template.Docx
  • Types Of Facebook Ads.Docx
  • Asset Tracker.Xlsx
  • Attendance Sheet Template.Xlsx
  • Balance Sheet Monthly.Xlsx
  • Billing Invoice Spreadsheet.Xlsx
  • Blank SOP Template.Xlsx
  • Business Annual Report Template.Docx
  • Cash Flow Statement.Xlsx
  • Cashflow Forecast Monthly (Word, Excel).Xlsx
  • Company Attendance Sheet Template.Xlsx
  • Daily Sales Report Template.Docx
  • Employee Timesheet.Xlsx
  • Employee Timesheet.Xlsx
  • Expens
  • Gantt Chart.Xlsx
  • Goal Setting Worksheet Template.Xlsx
  • Hiring Analytics.Xlsx
  • Interview Score Sheet Template.Xlsxe 
  • Job Handover Report.Docx
  • Lead Tracking Excel Template.Xlsx
  • Lead Tracking Excel Template.Xlsx
  • Logistics Spend Per Project Report.Xlsx
  • Marketing Metrics.Xlsx
  • Monthly Budget Worksheet.Xlsx
  • Monthly Expense Report Template.Docx
  • Monthly Income Spreadsheet.Xlsx
  • Monthly Marketing Report.Xls
  • Monthly Sales Report Template.Docx
  • Petty Cash Report.Xlsx
  • Price Quotation.Xlsx
  • Price Quotation 2.Xlsx
  • Restaurant Annual Budget Template.Xlsx
  • SaaS Metrics.Xlsx
  • Breach Of Lease.Docx
  • Notice To Pay Rent.Docx
  • Notice to Owner of Adjacent Property to not Construct Anything That May Invade Privacy.docx
  • Notice To Exercise Lease Option.DocxNotice To Debtor To Pay Debt.Docx
  • Notice Of Sale Of Pledged Goods.Docx
  • Notice Of Sale Of Pledged Goods.Docx
  • Notice Of Return Of Goods Form.Docx
  • Notice Of Rent Increase.Docx
  • Notice Of Rejection Of Non-Confirming Goods.Docx
  • Notice Of Rejection Of Goods.Docx
  • Notice Of Intent To Exercise Warehouse Lien By Auction.Docx
  • Notice Of Dissolution Of Partnership.Docx
  • Notice Of Dispatch.Docx
  • Notice Of Determination Of Lease For Breach Of Covenants Contained In The Lease Deed.Docx
  • Notice Of Bulk Transfer.Docx
  • Notice Of Back Ordered Item.Docx
  • Notice Of Assignment By Assignee .Docx
  • Notice for Suit under Section 80 of CPC.docx
  • Notice For Forclosure Of Property.Docx
  • Notice For Dues Recovery.Docx
  • Notice by Vendor to Complete Purchase of Immovable Property.docx
  • Notice by Tenant to Determine Lease.docx
  • Notice By Purchaser for Specific Performance in Agreement.docx
  • Notice By Purchaser for Specific Performance in Agreement.docx
  • Notice By Lessor To Lessee To Quit For Non Payment Of Rent.Docx
  • Notice By Landlord To Tenant For Demand Of Possession Of House After Expiry Of Lease Period.Docx
  • Notice About The Employee, Who Has Ceased To Be In Employment.Docx
  • Nonpayment Notice To Quit.Docx
  • Litigation Hold Notice Letter.Docx
  • Final Notice Of Impending Litigation.Docx
  • Final Notice Of Impending Litigation.Docx
  • Final Notice Before Legal Action.Docx
  • 1- Manpower Requisition.doc
  • 2- Job Description Template.doc
  • 3 – Recruitment Tracker.xls
  • 4 – Interview Guide.doc
  • 5 – Candidate Evaluation Form.doc
  • 6 – Candidate Evaluation Sheet.xls
  • 7 – Reference Check Guide.docx
  • 8- Offer Letter.doc
  • 9-Employment Agreement.doc
  • HR Hiring Process Flowchart.docx
  • Salary Calculator.xlsx
  • SHTK-Signage – Physical Distancing.pdf
  • SHTK-Signage – Avoid Touching.pdf
  • SHTK-Signage – Clean your hand before getting back to work.pdf
  • SHTK-Signage – Do Not Share.pdf
  • SHTK-Signage – If One is Unwell.pdf
  • SHTK-Signage – Social Distancing.pdf
  • SHTK-Signage – Throw Used tissues into cloesed bins.pdf
  • SHTK-Signage – ware Mask.pdf
  • SHTK-Signage – Wash Hands.pdfSHTK-Signage – Wash Hands.pdf
  • SHTK-Signage – Wash Hands.pdfSHTK-Signage – Wash Your Hands 20 sec.pdf
  • SHTK-Signage – Workplace Sanitation.pdf
  • World Map Infographics
  • Venn Infographics
  • Value Chain Template
  • Value Chain Diagram
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • US Elections
  • Tree Vector Infographics Template
  • Tree Vector Infographics for Presentations
  • Tree Infographics
  • Timeline
  • SWOT Infographics
  • Supply Chain V1
  • Startup Infographics Template
  • Startup Infographics
  • Stakeholder Map Infographics
  • Spiral Diagrams Template
  • Social Media Vector Infographics Template
  • Social Media Infographics Template
  • Social Media Diagrams for Presentations
  • Simple Roadmap Template
  • Science Infographics
  • Sales Process Funnel Template
  • alls Funnel Template
  • Roadmaps for Organizations
  • Roadmap Template
  • Roadmap PowerPoint Template
  • Risk Management Infographics
  • Real Estate Infographics for Presentations
  • Real Estate Infographics for PowerPoint
  • Real Estate Infographics
  • Real Estate Infographic Templates
  • Real Estate Diagrams for PowerPoint
  • Real Estate Diagrams
  • RAPID Diagram
  • Question Mark Infographics
  • Pyramid Diagram
  • Puzzle Infographics Template
  • Puzzle Infographics for PowerPoint
  • Puzzle Infographics
  • Purchase Funnel Diagram
  • Psychology Infographics
  • Project Roadmap Infographics
  • Project Management Infographics Template
  • Project Management Infographics PPT
  • Project Management Infographics
  • Project Management Diagrams Template
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Project Launch Infographics
  • Product Roadmap Diagram
  • Product Roadmap
  • more….
  • Webinars
  • Resume
  • Real Estate
  • Minimal
  • Finance
  • Educations
  • Coronvavirus
  • Businesses


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Legally compliant and government approved HR documents

Up to date documents as per the latest Statutory Law

Legally compliant and government approved HR documents

Up to date documents as per the latest Statutory Law

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Why Get The Business Startup Kit?

A Business Startup Kit is an all-in-one solution For HR, Lawyer, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants & Other Professionals. With over 3000 customizable templates to choose from, our platform provides you with the tools you need to succeed in any situation. With this comprehensive kit, you can easily create a wealth of information about your products and services, Including Agreements and formats, Bills and invoices, Board of resolutions, Business forms, Email Template, Letters, Plans & Pitch Decks, Presentations, media kit, Management Information System, Notices, Quotation Formats, Statutory, Survey, Statutory, Engagement plan, Reward and Recognition, Performance Management process, Record and Formats, Training Module, Hiring module, Employee Policy, HR Letter, Employee Compensation, Company Forms, HR Forms, Job Descriptions. With the Business Startup Kit, you’ll have everything you need to effectively communicate the benefits of your services to potential customers, increasing your Business, save your precious time and boosting your bottom line.


Don't waste your valuable time drafting business documents from scratch. Our collection of 3K+ editable documents can save you time and effort.


Our document is fully customizable to meet your specific needs, giving you complete control over its content and design.


Your purchase of this document gives you lifetime access to its contents, so you can use it as a reference or resource whenever you need it.


Business Startup Kit provides you with professionally drafted sales emails, Letters, and documents, so you can communicate with your clients in a professional manner.


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An Business Startup kit is a collection of templates, policies, and procedures used by organizations to manage their human resources functions. It includes job descriptions, employment agreements, performance appraisal forms, disciplinary action forms, and employee handbooks. The kit can be customized to meet specific HR needs, and saves time and resources. It is often sold by HR consulting firms.

Everytime we update the documents, you will receive free updates for 1 full year from the date of purchase. The updates will be sent to the email ID you have registered at the time of purchase. After 1 year if you still wish to keep receiving all the latest updates to the sales kit, you need to renew your purchase by paying the same price.

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Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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